PUR Hotmelt LCM Side Sealing Adhesive: LCM模组侧边密封以及电子产品缝隙填充用PUR热熔胶

Product Code Feature Appearance Viscosity(mPa s)
9401 Very lower viscosity;
UV and moisture dual curing;
Excellent fluidity, suitable for small gap filling;
Excellent light blocking.
Suitable for bonding a variety of materials.
Very Low application temperature(60℃-80℃).
Black @60℃ 3000 ± 1000
9409B Light blocking is excellent, the OD value exceed 3.0;
After jetting, the glue shape regular smooth on the workpiece;
After jetting, the thickness of the glue line is 0.10mm±0.02mm, and the width is 0.85mm±0.05mm;
High initial bonding strength and short/zero holding time;
Storage at room temperature without refrigeration to reduce storage cost;
Easy to rework;
Low application temperature(100℃-130℃).
Black @100℃ 3000 ±  1000